The Nordic Walking is one of the most popular sport in this period and could be practice at all ages. Villa Sabolini is located in the middle of the important road called “Via Francigena” that in the past connected Canterbury to Rome.

A lot of Pilgrims walked on the Via Francigena to reach Rome for visit and pray on the San Pietro Tombe. In these last years a lot of people rediscovered the pleasure to walk on this ancient road for small walking tour of for tour organized.

Villa Sabolini is located in between two of the most beautiful parts of the Via Francigena:
  1. Prepare yourselves for one of the most beautiful sections of the Via Francigena: a meditative route, along which you can admire the Pieve di Strove (unfortunately just from the outside) and stand in the quietness of the splendid Abbadia at Isola, another stage in the journey of the Archbishop Sigerico, where time stopped 1000 years ago, when he passed through. Your breath will be taken away when you see the castle of Monteriggioni, with its crown of towers, built on a hill as a defence against the ancient republic of Siena. Within it, a small ancient world, with the beautiful square and small gardens where you will be able to gather your breath, before climbing up onto the walls to admire the surrounding view.
  2. San Gimignano – Colle Val D’Elsa (12 km) (From San Gimignano you will continue, up and down, through the Tuscan hills. In one point of the journey not yet well marked you will come to Molino d’Aiano, one of the halting places along the ancient route of Sigerico. Today’s destination is Colle Val d’Elsa, a Tuscan village which will take you back in time, with its charming old town centre and narrow alleyways winding through the stone walls)
Villa Sabolini Dimora Storica
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