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Acquerello room

Rooms located on the -1 floor of the farmhouse building.

They owe their name not only to the colors chosen for their renovation, but mainly to their historical value.
During the Second World War, important paintings like "Maestà by Duccio Boninsegna" and many others from the Museo dell'Opera di Siena were kept hidden in these particular rooms, chosen as Caveau to protect the paintings from Nazi raids. In 1945, the company of the Monuments Men, to which a film was also dedicated, after various searches discovered with great joy that the paintings had not been stolen but rather protected and preserved.

The bathroom is finely furnished, a crystal shower and original terracotta vaults will make you fully enjoy your stay in Tuscany but… with a leap into history.

You can not miss it!!

As ours is a 15th century Historical House, the rooms are different. The highlighted photo is representative of the room type chosen. At the time of booking you may be assigned a room of the same type and with the same facilities but with a different arrangement of furnishings, colours and view.